don’t ask … somebody said it. much inspired.


applause to Lu xun~ he he he.


jia chong had no idea.

imagining a face like jia chong, who killed mercilessly zhuge dan and emperor (in jin story)—all because of KOEI—would afraid of his wives, particularly Guo Huai.


jia chong

mixed up of history and commentaries by historians … about jia chong

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historical data ignored. koei rules… but i love this pairing, lu lingqi and wen yang thou their age gap might more than grandma and grandson. XD


yan liang would be really proud having someone drew him with prince-look-like-face. 

source : here

the world filled with needs for cosmetic surgery XD


no matter how history or novel or folktales and even reality told us about lu xun, he’s always no.1 fav character in three kingdoms for me.

lucky sun shi~ 


if could make a slow motion gif …


beside the hobbit final, this is also must watch movie XD


blaming koei…this sounds stupid and indredibly unimportant, but i want to know their real person in history. back to ancient time.

wen yang : the youngest from top three (marumachi version, XD…). no ideo on him until koei popped his image like this. *blaming koei again*.

historically wen yang died pretty sad, accused for treason by relatives of zhuge dan, disliked by sima yan, so his family annexed for three generations. zhuge dan that time killed wen qin (wen yang’s father) for showing disobedience. so wen yang betrayed zhuge dan and surrendered to sima zhao. but sima yan still hate wen yang for the past rebel he made along with zhuge dan and wen qin. and zhuge dan’s distant relatives blamed wen yang (surrendering to sima zhao) for zhuge dan’s defeat. sorry for the english … not my native tongue.

zhao yun : historical record about him is very little. whether he’ was that very down to earth general that time or else, the point is : he got many fans + koei always has his picture drawn beautifully + folktales and novel always said good things about him. his sons zhao guang and zhao tong only mentioned in novel version. historically zhao yun not stated died in war/batlle, presumably because of illness/natural cause.

lu xun : always my number 1. whatever history written about him, novel, folktales, even koei version. i don’t care. 

hating sun quan everytime reminds me on how sun quan distrusted lu xun and let him died without honor. thou later regretted it after lu kang’s effort, still no positive point to sun quan.

anyway, koei should just stop making such perfect characters … it kills reality persons. XD